Working from home? Your air-cons are crying out for care

Servicing your ACs is good for your health and your wallet – but only if you do it right. Here are some common myths to avoid

Air-conditioning servicing at home

For city-dwellers in tropical Philippines, air-conditioning can be a year-round necessity. This has never been truer than over the past 15 months, as working from home has become the norm for more and more people. Many are nervous about running their units all day, even though the heat and humidity makes it difficult to work. Others run them without full knowledge of the upkeep required, resulting in unnecessary damage and expenses. Enter Cleangreen Solutions Inc, a HVAC hygiene solutions provider, dedicated to using eco-friendly and sustainable measures to help maintain air conditioners.

Established in the Philippines, Cleangreen Solutions serves the needs of office buildings, hotels, semiconductor plants – industries where reliable air-conditioning is critical to operations – as well as more and more residential clients during the pandemic. Needless to say, the Cleangreen team has seen and heard it all when it comes to air-con cleaning.

Here, they share and debunk several common misconceptions and FAQs that homeowners typically have about air-con cleaning.

Serviced air-cons are essential when working from home
Spending more time at home means well-serviced air-cons are essential. Photo: Shutterstock

Myth #1: All air-con cleaning services are the same

How different could air-con service providers be, you might wonder. Turns out, very. Most conventional air-con cleaners are focused on removing dust and dirt from your filters. These cleaners also just use water and soap during their service.  But Cleangreen Solutions focuses on a deeper clean- cleaning all parts of your air-con mechanism, as well as removing bacteria, mold and fungi from your air conditioning unit’s coils.  On top of this, they also apply a disinfectant that can keep bacteria, viruses and other contaminants from building up.  They use eco-friendly solutions  proven to be successful at the removal of microbial contamination, while being safe to use on your air conditioning unit’s coils.  This means your air-conditioning unit will stay clean for a longer period of time. It also means you won’t be breathing in unhealthy indoor air while you work from home. All this while being environmentally friendly and using smart solutions to care for your air-cons.

Cleaning air-conditioners thoroughly
Cleangreen ensures a thorough cleaning and measures the amount of bacteria in the air

Myth #2: You only need to clean your AC filters

Most homeowners believe that cleaning their detachable AC filters is enough, but this is not entirely true. While cleaning your air-con filters will help minimize dust, air-con maintenance goes well beyond that. What many homeowners don’t realize is that your unit’s condenser coils are also prone to damaging build-up, too. Dirty condenser coils make it harder for the air-con to keep your home cool and can even lead to higher electricity bills, since it has to work harder and longer.

Cleangreen Solutions, however, makes it a point to go the extra mile to preserve air-con functionality by prioritizing condenser coils and the unit’s interiors. Its HVAC hygiene solutions are designed to clear biofilm build up from within the coils- allowing for a more optimized and unobstructed performance.

Myth #3: You should clean your air-con unit every month

While the detachable filters should be cleaned every two weeks, an overall cleaning can be done once every six months. However, cleaning your air-conditioning unit goes hand-in-hand with regular maintenance. This means lubricating some parts, replacing the others and cleaning it all thoroughly afterwards.

Cleangreen Solutions does all this and more for your unit, and in the long run, customers who opt for regular maintenance and cleaning services report lower electricity bills, longer unit lifespans and a reduced number of calls for repairs. In fact, residential clients who used to get their units cleaned every three months only require the service once or twice a year since engaging Cleangreen Solutions.

Cleangreen Philippines core sustainable products
Cleangreen Solutions uses non-toxic products that extend the life of your air-conditioner

Myth #4: All AC cleaners use harmful chemicals

Many air-con cleaning services stick to soap and water; some may even use cleaning products that contain corrosive chemicals that are harmful not only to the environment, but to your air-conditioner’s coils. Cleangreen Solutions is the only company in the Philippines to use AerisGuard’s range of cleaning supplies. These eco-friendly products are pH neutral and non-toxic. They also use a patented antimicrobial multi-enzyme technology that breaks down contaminants, which are then easily removed with a water pressure cleaner. AerisGuard’s cleaning products are also food grade and HACCP-certified, and offer up to 12 months of residual protection against mold, fungi and odor-causing bacteria, depending on several factors such as sources of contamination, state of the unit, and location of both indoor and outdoor units.

Servicing Air-conditioners
The Cleangreen Solutions team has worked with hotels, semi-conductor plants, offices and now residences

Myth #5: Cleaning extends your AC’s lifespan

Each year, your air-conditioning unit actually loses about five percent of its operational capacity. Even if you clean your unit regularly, you will still see an increase in your electricity bills year on year. However, that doesn’t mean thoroughly cleaning your AC is of no use.  The continuous use of corrosive chemical cleaning solutions can also easily shorten the lifespan of your air conditioning unit due to corrosion.  Cleangreen Solutions has a range of non-corrosive cleaning products and processes that effectively removes and prevents microbial contamination in HVAC systems. This will help optimize your air-conditioner’s performance, slowing down the aging process without burning a hole in your air-con’s coils, or even your wallet.

To learn more about Cleangreen Solutions and their one-of-a-kind air-conditioning services, please visit the official website or Instagram account.

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