Replace Your Morning Coffee with These 5 Healthy Drinks

Looking to cut your caffeine intake? Try one of these healthy coffee substitutes instead

As much as we love a good morning cuppa, those fancy, sugar-laden coffee shop lattes aren’t always kind to the body. In fact, excessive coffee drinking can lead to health conditions like anxiety, high blood pressure and digestive problems. If you’re someone who’s looking to cut down on your caffeine intake but still want that extra pep and energy for that early morning Zoom call, why not give coffee alternatives a go?

Founded in February 2020 by CEO Elsie Jordan L. Blanco, Vibrant Wellness Trading Corporation is a homegrown Filipino company specializing in health and wellness-boosting products. Headquartered in Batangas, it had to transition to work-from-home arrangements just one month after its official launch and endure a two-month hiatus on shipping.

Despite launching only this year, the brand has managed to amass 1,500 stockists and expand into global markets such as Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom. Vibrant Wellness has thrived during the pandemic and made strides in helping the local and global community, through providing jobs and working with various Filipino vendors around the world.

Here are five healthy — and delicious — beverages and coffee substitutes from Vibrant Wellness to include in your morning routine.


Vibrant Coffee

What it is: A sugar- and dairy-free caffeine alternative


Packed with a chock-full of health- and beauty-boosting ingredients like green tea, collagen, barley and mangosteen, Vibrant Coffee is not your average cup of joe. This guilt-free coffee is made with all-natural ingredients like garcinia cambogia, a tropical fruit known for its weight-loss properties; psyllium fiber husk, an excellent source of soluble fiber; and l-carnitine, which may also enhance one’s mood. Health-conscious caffeine lovers will also appreciate the stevia sweetener and non-dairy creamer used in the coffee.


Vibrant Milk Tea

What it is: A healthier, low-calorie alternative to milk tea or boba


Can’t get enough of boba but wished it came without the hefty calories? Vibrant Milk tea might be your best bet. This sugar-free drink is a delicious and nutritious blend of ingredients like turmeric, garcinia cambogia, ginseng, black tea and green tea. The best bit? It’s only 85 calories! The next time you find yourself wrestling with the urge for a cup of sugary milk tea, brew yourself a mug of Vibrant Milk Tea instead.


Vibrant Herbal Juice

What it is: A sugar-free and nutritious alternative to your morning juice


There’s nothing quite like an ice-cold glass of fruit juice to wake you up in the AM. Unfortunately, plenty of juices you’ll find in the grocery stores are laden with sugar. If you’re looking for an alternative to your morning fruit juice, the Vibrant Herbal Juice is a great all-natural substitute. Sweetened with stevia, this nutritious drink boasts a powerful concoction of herbs and fruits like lemons, moringa, gotu kola (commonly used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine), guyabano, camote tops and saluyot leaves.


Vibrant Turmeric Ginger Tea

What it is: A morning pick-me-up that also boosts your immunity


The many health benefits of turmeric and ginger are well-known. The antioxidant rich turmeric is long prized in Ayurvedic medicine for its potent anti-inflammatory properties while ginger is said to soothe the digestive system and lower blood sugar levels, among others. Vibrant Wellness brings together this power-packed duo in its new turmeric ginger tea which promises to control diabetes, reduce bad cholesterol and boost immunity.


Vibrant Cereal Mix

What it is: A fibre-rich cereal that’s perfect for breakfast on-the-go


On days when a leisurely breakfast is just not in the cards, a bowl of cereal mix is a great way to fuel in the morning before racing out the door. While many cereal brands get a bad rep for its high sugar content and low nutritional value, there are plenty of healthier alternatives you can consider. The 14-in-1 Vibrant Cereal Mix, the first of its kind in the market, is one of them. Available in two flavours (Sweet Corn and Pandan), this fibre-rich mix is packed with a smorgasbord of health foods like chia seeds, oats, squash, okra, psyllium husk, spirulina, taurine, moringa leaves, chlorella and saluyot leaves, leaving you feeling energized all day.


Discover more Vibrant Wellness products here.

This article was published in partnership with Vibrant Wellness.


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