Return of the Typewriter

With its retro styling and built-in speakers, the Rymeck Rocksete keyboard makes an eye-catching addition to any home office.

Smartphone and tablet speakers are usually terrible and their touchscreens can be difficult to type on. Cue the Rymek Rocksete keyboard (USD269;, with retro styling and built-in speakers — an eye-catching addition to any home office. Some of its impressive features:

  • Go old-school. Available in metallic gray and shocking red, the Rocksete is all about its retro chassis. The mechanical keys are the most obvious feature, but elsewhere there are clear stylistic echoes of 1950s automobiles. Its name is spelled out along the stand as if on a car bonnet, while the speakers are hidden by old-school engine grilles. It also revs up like a Cadillac when switched on.
  • Ready to rumble. What makes the Rocksete stand out is its Bluetooth 3.0 stereo JBL speakers, which transform the device into a serious music center thanks to four bass radiators. As a bonus, the stereo’s sound quality is best appreciated when you sit in front of the keyboard. There’s also an auxiliary input port for connecting any audio device via a 3.5mm stereo audio jack.
  • Pick me up.  The keyboard is built to be paired with a smartphone or tablet, either of which can be perched on top of the stand. There is a pop-up bracket that supports your device at an upright position or at a more relaxed angle, which also doubles as a carrying handle. At 2.4kg and measuring 346mm by 233mm by 110mm, the Rocksete is easy to move about in your home, but may be a little too delicate to take on your travels.
  • What’s your type?  This 83-key mechanical gadget is a clever and visually interesting update on typewriters. It is also packed with shortcuts, and best of all, every time you touch a key, not only does it make a reassuring tapping sound but it also unleashes a wave of blue LED lights across the entire device.
  • Let’s connect.  You can pair up to three phones or tablets at a go, but the Rocksete can also be used as a Bluetooth keyboard for any PC or Mac, or a laptop. The keyboard comes with fins that bolster support for a laptop, but the Rocksete is still best paired with a large phone.

Written by

Jamie Carter

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