Choose Your Fighter! Japanese artists turn the Tokyo Olympics 2020 into a Bishōnen Anime

Check out the depictions done for several Cebu Pacific destinations

Every four years, the Olympics gives us something to look forward to. And for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2020, an independent group of Japanese artists has blessed us with something even better: the Olympics 2020 reimagined as a group of bishōnen (a term given to the trope of beautiful, or pretty, men).

Thanks to these artists, nearly all the countries has its own protagonist defending its honor. And from hair color to costume and weapon design, in true manga fashion, each detail is carefully thought out to give depth to the character—or country’s—development. The original release even came with titles and implied story arcs, like the “Dragon and Tiger, Brothers of the Orient” (China and South Korea) or the “Four Northern Kings” (Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark).

The Olympics 2020 is being hosted by Tokyo — for the first time since the 1964 Summer Olympics — and while this project has no official ties with the organizing body as of date, we can keep our fingers crossed for the anime releases to continue.

Here are a number of depictions done for some of Cebu Pacific Air‘s destinations:


“After rain comes fair weather,” reads his introduction. Australia’s champion wears blue armor, including a helmet, adorned with the country’s white 7-dotted stars. It almost looks like the armor glitters.


Also a samurai, but he holds two swords, a katana and a shorter companion sword that is called a wakizashi. He looks like a model swordsman, with the long delicate ponytail, decked out in red and gold with four stars on his breastplate.


A high-ranking monk, decked out in white and red, who looks like has several tricks up his sleeve.


Perhaps one of the most heavily adorned characters. He wears the crescent moon and 14-point star as a gold headpiece.


A dual-fighter with weapons both modern and mystical. He holds what appears to be a shotgun and a magic fan. Stars adorn his red, blue, and white outfit in groups of three.


A traditional samurai, decked out in an ethereal costume; the moon and stars that adorn the national flag are his crest and hairpiece. His katana’s handle is the country’s iconic Merlion head.

South Korea

A mysterious-looking man with long white hair, holding a katana and wakizashi along with a drum, designed with the Taegeuk.


He wields two chakram (round, bladed weapons), ballooning sleeves patterned after the blue and red stripes of the flag, and a gold elephant emblem.


A sorcerer in crimson red robes, he summons a glowing yellow star with an inscription. The artist says he is wearing an “onmyoji” robe, an ancient Japanese art that mixes magic and science.

Fan submissions welcome

The original artists have encouraged fan art submissions via Twitter @worldflagsorg; you can reach them through the hashtag #worldflags_fa. Check out the complete list on the official website, including a short description of each country and its flag.

Cebu Pacific Air flies to various destinations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Written by

Nina Unlay

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