TikTok is Our Jam

If you’re curious about the Filipino psyche, this is as good a place as any to understand what goes on in the Pinoy brain.

After an unprecedented year that saw travelers cooped up at home, there were also things to celebrate — after all, if there’s anything we Filipinos know how to do, it’s how to always see the bright side. So we’re counting some of the best things that Make Us Smile. Here’s reason #4:


Music, dancing, special effects, and social media — of course Pinoys are all over it. While the platform debuted in 2016, this year saw droves of Filipinos taking to TikTok. Part of the appeal was that it offered everyone a democratic shot at online stardom, in a way that even YouTube couldn’t. Everyone from a security guard on a break to someone’s hapless pet cat could get their 15 minutes of fame through a short clip.

But Pinoys proved especially talented at TikTok, giving rise to a slew of unlikely stars who each brought their own brand of humor, talent, and just plain good vibes to viewers. If you’re a foreigner who’s curious about the Filipino psyche, this is as good a place as any to understand what goes on in the Pinoy brain.

Macoy Dubs (@macoydubs)

Macoy Dubs (image courtesy of @macoydubs)


It might have started out with just scenes from Hollywood films hilariously dubbed over in Pinoy street slang , but now Macoy — Mark Averilla in offline life — makes satirical TikTok videos featuring his own made-up characters. Check out “Auntie Julie”, who pokes fun at everyone’s tita through a spot-on impersonation of a Manila matrona.


Mimiyuuuh (@mimiyuuuh)

Mimiyuuuh (image courtesy of @Mimiyuuuh)

You know you’re a celebrity when you’ve been asked to be a voice on Waze. As the second Filipino personality to provide a voice option for the wayfinding app, Mimiyuuuh’s catchphrases (skrrrt skrrrt!) have entered the Pinoy pop lexicon and made “Mimi” a certified multimedia star.

Picking up on the TikToker’s broad appeal, Cebu Pacific featured Mimiyuuuh as a travel ambassador earlier in 2020.

Joyce Glorioso, AKA “Joyang” (@joyang.tv)

Joyce “Joyang” Glorioso (image courtesy of @joyang.tv)

With a deadpan expression complementing her surprisingly well-choreographed routine, Joyang’s videos are shot from a modestly decorated kitchen and incorporate whatever’s within arm’s reach — be it a bunch of bananas, kitchen utensils, or any number of cats loitering around. Joyang is 100% pure GV (that’s “good vibes” to you).


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