How to get the look of music artist G Flip

The drummer-turned-solo-sensation puts a practical spin on fashion

DIY style

“My style is very op-shop related; it’s about second-hand and hand-me-down stuff. Just hit a thrift shop and mix and match. For me, that means a ’90s dad tee and some ripped jeans.”

Rock ’n’ roll alterations

“I’m always over-wearing clothes, to the point where they’re falling apart. But I also hate getting rid of them because they’re comfy. And I spend all my money on my home studio. I’m about keeping it real too, so if I have to fix any holes — I can’t sew — I say, use some duct tape and own the look.”

Stand out

“I love a pop of color — you have to have at least one thing that is really vibrant, then you can get away with wearing plainer colors — and it distracts people from the duct tape!”

Statement accessory

“Odd shoes, because why do we have to wear footwear of the same shade? My style for a while now has been different-colored Vans. I’m always thinking left of center and I encourage it.”

. . .

G Flip’s go-to places for vintage gems

  • SalvosRun by the Salvation Army charity, this is G Flip’s top stop on the thrift shopping trail. Find donations that span from the ’60s to the early ’00s.
  • VinniesAustralians love shortening a name, so the St Vincent de Paul Society charity goes by Vinnies. And they stock a selection similar to that of Salvos.
  • Savers. An international thrift-store chain, with a mega outlet in Brunswick, Savers is the place for handpicked, affordable and high-quality clothing.

G Flip is based in Melbourne and is set to tour with Laneway Festival in Australia in 2019.

This article first appeared in the December 2018 issue of Smile magazine.

Written by

Paul Chai

Photographed by

Samara Clifford

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