7 great benefits of solo travel

Here’s why everyone should hit the road alone at least once in their lives

A woman about to embark on a solo trip

Remember your plan to journey through Cambodia with your posse — the one that didn’t materialize because your friend had last-minute work commitments? Or the time that you wanted to explore Guam’s waters, only to find that nobody in your social circle shared your enthusiasm? We’ve all skipped the opportunity to travel due to a lack of company, but here’s why you should really just throw caution to the wind and venture out on your own.

You get to do what YOU want.

Whether you want to get all that sightseeing in the city done in a day, or do nothing except laze by the beach for three days straight, it’s your call. No more being dragged to go shopping or wasting time at a boring museum; your itinerary (or lack of) is the only one that matters.

You’ll control your spending better.

You may be on a tight budget in Boracay, or be more than willing to splurge in Hong Kong — either way, controlling your spending will be easy, since you don’t have to think about anyone else’s needs.

No fights, no dramas.

Everyone’s got a different personality, and for better or for worse, some traits may be amplified when traveling. You run the risk of getting stuck with a cranky Godzilla or a total fusspot when traveling with others — so why not dodge those bullets entirely?

You get to step out of your comfort zone.

When you’re all alone in a foreign land, chances are that you’ll be more open to trying new things. It’s easier to find the courage to dine alone or try surfing for the first time when there’s nobody around to judge you.

It does wonders for your confidence.

You’ll be amazed by how much fun you can have and how independent you can be without the company of familiar faces. Challenges and problems are bound to arise during your trip, but knowing that you overcame them on your own will make you feel good about yourself.

It’s easier to meet new people.

If you’re traveling with your clique, in all likelihood you’ll stick with them. However, if you wander around on your own, you’ll find that it’s actually really easy — and natural — to strike up conversations with other people, especially fellow solo travellers. It’s a great way to make new friends.

You learn to stay extra-vigilant.

Nobody’s going to be taking care of you when you’re traveling solo. You can have to be your own eyes and ears when it comes to avoiding dangerous situations. You’ll learn to be more aware of your own surroundings — something we tend to forget in the company of other people — and take the necessary precautions.

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Samantha David

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