No-Flour, No-Yeast, No-Oven Bread Recipes for Quarantine Baking

No flour? No yeast? No oven? These are just the easy bread recipes you, ahem, knead to jump on the quarantine baking bandwagon.

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If there’s one thing this lockdown has shown us, it’s that people really like their bread. It’s almost impossible to go through Instagram without seeing a bread post. Maybe it’s because kneading is a great outlet for calming frazzled nerves or maybe it’s because everyone now has time for more home-y pursuits. Whatever it is, it seems everyone has gone out and cleared the supermarket shelves of bread ingredients. So, what’s a wannabe home baker to do?

No need to feel crumby. Below, we’ve rounded up some recipes for those who don’t have the bread basics. You could say that with these recipes, everyone comes out a breadwinner.


No Flour: Flourless Banana Bread

This recipe is a flourless take on banana bread, the unofficial poster bread of the quarantine season. The main ingredients are bananas (of course) and oats, which you have to grind into a fine powder. If you don’t have a blender or food processor to pulverize your oats, you can use a mortar and pestle, some elbow grease and a bit of patience — hey, we’ve all got the time, right?

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No Yeast: Soda Bread

Another ingredient that’s vanished from supermarket shelves? Yeast. Sure, you can make your own sourdough starter but that takes days. But if you want your carbs right now, this quick bread is the way to go. The recipe calls for baking soda as a rising agent, producing a dense, rustic-looking bread. Bonus: Unlike many sourdough breads, this one doesn’t require a Dutch oven. You can use a regular baking sheet, baking pan, cake pan or pie pan.

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No Oven: Bread Rolls

Who knew you could make something other than flatbread on your stove top? This one is based on a standard bread roll recipe but it’s cooked in a pan over a fire instead of in an oven. The result is a soft dinner roll that looks somewhat like an English muffin.

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No Oven: Sweet German Dumplings

Your tastebuds can take a trip to Germany with this stove-top option. Called a dampfnudel, this German bread is a soft roll poached in milk, sugar and butter. It’s then topped with vanilla sauce — yum!

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Tisha Alvarez

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