The Best Tourists in the Philippines are Filipinos

Here's What Makes Us Smile, reason no. 1

After an unprecedented year that saw travelers cooped up at home, there were also things to celebrate. After all, if there’s anything we Filipinos know how to do, it’s how to always see the bright side. What Makes Us Smile? Here’s reason #1:

With 7,641 islands in our fair archipelago, there was never going to be a shortage of domestic travel destinations. So let’s think of this as a silver lining to a year that has seen everyone having to stay home for months on end. Our wanderlust has been stoked, and as destinations all throughout the Philippines begin to reopen, we’re rediscovering places closer to home.

Travel is good news all around. In very real terms, our tourist pesos keep entire communities (and families!) afloat, which in turn means that the nation keeps running. Ultimately, it all comes back to benefit you, too.

Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated announcement came in October, when it was confirmed that Boracay was open to domestic tourists once more. DOT Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat hailed the development as a hopeful sign for the rest of the Philippine travel industry: “The reopening of Boracay to new market sources signals a gathering momentum for domestic tourism all over the country,” Puyat said.

Elsewhere in the Philippines, there are additional destinations welcoming back visitors after rigorous preparations, expecting a wave of domestic travelers to eagerly enjoy the country once more. Filipinos traveling the Philippines: Now that’s a great reason to smile.

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