MJ Benitez Expands Her World

One of the industry’s most sought-after fashion stylists is all about gathering stories through travel and telling them through fashion.

“We’ve seen a lot of menswear-inspired suiting on the runway. A loose blazer is city-appropriate and an easy way to complete a look.”

MJ Benitez didn’t envision a fashion stylist’s career for herself — her first love had been fashion photography. But working in a fashion magazine opened her eyes to the breadth of the industry. She found that her keen eye for visuals helped her in putting together fashion narratives.

“I had a great mentorship. I learned from some of the best editors, who taught me that having a story in mind while putting together a look was very important,” says MJ.

An avid traveler, she makes it a point to visit South Korea every year; it’s part of her philosophy to discover new nooks, places and landscapes — her goal is to have her age match up to the number of countries she’s visited.

And all the traveling has done her good, it seems, as MJ has become one of the most highly respected stylists in the Philippines. Apart from serving as contributing editor on several fashion publications, she’s also dabbled in film, print and digital campaigns, for big local brands, and runway and look-book collections for Filipino designers.


Her Travel Style

1 Early to the airport or cutting it close?

Three hours early, always

2 Light or heavy packer?

Super heavy packer. It’s a problem

3 Most memorable airport purchase?

Snacks. Whatever delicacy that country has, I’ll buy it

4 Adventure seeker or solid leisure?


5 First leisurely thing you do when you arrive at your destination?

Cafés that I’ve researched ahead of time

6 Shop or check out local cuisine?

Shop, after a little caffeine

7 Hotel or hostel?


8 Best way to unwind onboard?

I read

9 Ideal holiday in four words?

Chill and no crowds

10 Most Instagrammable place you’ve ever been?

Bondi Beach in Sydney

11 Preferred travel camera?

A digital Sony handheld

12 Favorite travel film?


13 What makes you an ideal person to travel with?

I enjoy early starts and I maximize every day of my trip

14 What attracts you to a destination?

How unfamiliar it is. The more different it looks from Manila, the more interested I am in seeing it

15 Three essentials in your carry-on?

Power bank, sunglasses and my camera

16 Favorite road-trip album?

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles

17 Favorite travel outfit?

I love layering for the weather, so there’s always a jacket or sweater, jeans and sneakers

18 Biggest travel fashion no-no?

I don’t believe in no-no’s. People should have fun with clothes!

19 Fashion designer, dead or alive, you’d love to have a creative chat with?

Phoebe Philo. I love her forever

20 Dream person to dress?

Kiko Mizuhara. Or G-Dragon. I’d also be okay with just meeting him


Inspiration Nation

The fashion stylist takes us through her favorite spots for ideas and new pieces.

  • Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan — “This is a quiet neighborhood with a lot of personality. My favorite parts are the alleys, where there are small vintage shops specializing in designer clothing.”
  • Sydney, Australia — “The place is reflective of its people. When you visit, you’ll want to wear more color and linens and keep things relaxed.”
  • Garosu-gil, Seoul, South Korea — “I’m in Seoul every year, and this is a place I return to time and again. It has a great mix of fashion, beauty and coffee shops, and it’s never too crowded.”

Photographed by

Lucky Leoparte

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