Japan’s Pilgrimage-Worthy Instant Ramen Museums

Take your love of Japanese noodles to the next level at these attractions.

According to the very-much-a-real-thing-that-exists World Instant Noodles Association (WINA), the Philippines consumed some 3,850,000,000 servings of instant noodles in 2019, ranking an impressive eighth in total global demand. Instant noodles have undoubtedly been mainstays in many Filipino households since their invention in Japan in 1958 — as ubiquitous in family shopping lists as they are in college dorms to serve as ever-reliable meals.

How exhilarating it is to exist at the same time as instant ramen, and the museums that honor them.



If you’re headed to Yokohama, Erica Del Rosario [IG: @ericatanya] recommends: “Fans of ramen can pay pilgrimage at the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, where the history of the dish is on display. Also, there’s affordable ramen at the food court. Opt for a spot with an open kitchen to see how each perfect bowl is prepared.”


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Lover of cup noodles? Then a visit to Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum — named after the inventor of Top Ramen and Cup Noodles — in Osaka is in order. Exhibits showcase the history of instant noodles and their packaging designs from around the world. Create your own unique cup noodle souvenir at the My CupNoodles Factory.



This article first appeared in the April 2020 issue of Smile magazine.

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