How the pandemic has changed the air-conditioning market in the Philippines

Panasonic Philippines' manager says air-conditioners are no longer just about simple cooling, but safety and efficiency too

Over the past 12 months, the Philippines has become obsessed with cleanliness like never before. Even if you were already a neat freak, chances are you’ve gone to new heights during the pandemic. And we don’t just mean hand sanitizers, wet wipes and masks.

The market has an ever-widening range of clean-tech domestic products, ranging from ionizing necklaces that claim to purify the air immediately around you, to state-of-the-art water dispensers with UV light filters. With adults and children alike forced to stay home for extended periods, even air-conditioning technology has come under new scrutiny.

The hottest months of the year are nearly upon us, but those looking to upgrade their home air-conditioning solutions aren’t just looking for cooling mechanisms. “Families are seeking more from their air-conditioners than ever before,” explains Francis Serrato, communications and product planning manager of Panasonic Air-Conditioning Philippines. “It’s not just a tool to battle the summer heat, but a holistic appliance that adds protection and keeps everyone comfortable and safe during this unprecedented time.”

Panasonic air-conditioners featuring nanoe X technology
Panasonic air-conditioners featuring nanoeTM X technology

Not just about cooling

Indeed, as with many other household appliances, buyers are looking to air-conditioners to clean and purify the air around their household – removing not just odors, mold, bacteria and allergens, but disease-causing viruses as well. Panasonic air-conditioners now come with the electronics giant’s proprietary and scientifically proven nanoeTM X technology, which uses 4.8 trillion hydroxyl radicals per second. Released into the air, these particles neutralize and kill 99% of viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19. To learn about independent testing on nanoeTM X and the coronavirus, click here.

Energy-efficient protection 24/7

Air-conditioning is a constant in many offices, but working from home has meant many Filipino urban households are experiencing higher utility bills. As such, most households will turn on their units only for short periods, which means only limited benefits from its air-purifying technologies. Panasonic air-conditioners come with special inverters made with proprietary micro-computers and processors, which make them not only fast-cooling and low-noise, but also energy-efficient. Once a set temperature is reached, the inverter uses the least amount of power possible to maintain it, allowing you to leave the air-conditioning running all day without breaking the bank. Moreover, Panasonic air-conditioners with nanoeTM X technology work by providing 24-hour protection against harmful pollutants at lesser electric consumption.

Panasonic inverters with nanoe X technology
Panasonic inverters with nanoeTM X technology use power efficiently

Strategic airflow

In addition to state-of-the-art technologies, air-conditioners need to deliver sleek and smart design not just to match the elegance of your home, but to deliver efficient airflow. The Aerowings technology by Panasonic, for example, features two independent motors that control a small sub flap that compresses and concentrates cool air and a large outer flap that directs it farther. Together the system delivers “shower cooling” that spreads cool air throughout the room, as well as “fast cooling” that directs the air directly down towards you immediately.

Easy on the skin

Being in air-conditioned spaces all day can lead to various discomforts, such as dry eyes, skin and hair, and customers are increasingly looking for technologies that offset these effects. Top-tier options in the market are up for the challenge: Panasonic and its nanoeTM X technology, for example, uses its hydroxyl radicals not just to fight pathogens, but also gently hydrate the air: the by-product of deactivating bacteria and viruses is water – which makes it safer for the user. In fact, nanoeTM X combines with natural sebum on the skin and leads to softer skin and brighter hair.

For more information about top-of-the-line air-conditioners and Panasonic’s proprietary nanoeTM X technology, please click here.

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