Singapore Travel Guide and Itinerary

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Despite being less than 60 years old, this tiny city-state has become a modern-day trailblazer on many fronts — a trip here is like a journey into the near future. 

About Singapore

For a country with a land area of 721.5km² — 415 times smaller than the Philippines — and under 60 years of independence under its belt, Singapore has made incredible strides. In just a few generations, it’s grown from a fledgling nation-state to become the world’s smartest city — the country has consistently topped world livability, economic and infrastructure standards and performance surveys.

Located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore is home to the world’s best airport and one of the globe’s busiest container ports. These have helped entice many international corporations to put up headquarters in the city; in turn spurring massive investments in infrastructure and technology — apparent in the impressive Singapore skyline. 


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It’s known for the efficiency and pragmatism Singaporeans have clocked the fastest average walking speed in the world — which permeates the nation of almost 6 million. Spot this in everything from the burgeoning startups that include internationally lauded bars and restaurants, to the mom-and-pop shops in the heartlands and ethnic enclaves. The city is also buoyed by an integrated transportation system that connects people and visitors to destinations such as the Gardens by the Bay conservatories, popular Orchard Road shopping strip and award-winning Wildlife Reserves parks.  

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Highlights for the Traveler

The local infrastructure is a well-oiled machine that encourages visitors to plan their itineraries and leave the nitty-gritty to the system. Most locals are well-versed in at least two languages (most of the time English and a mother tongue); you’ll have support navigating your way around if the need arises. And this is helpful as you traverse the city’s green, urban spaces and explore its food and arts and culture scenes.  

Besides the designated trails in such locations as the Southern Ridges and Labrador Nature Reserve, there are tree-lined roads everywhere you look — enjoy the fresh, clean air as you check attractions, events and international festivals and exhibitions off your list. Along the way, you’ll also find that the city is enamored with food and foodie trends (think bubble tea, salted-egg-everything and even clean, vegetarian dining). For a dining experience that takes you from one end of the spectrum to the other, begin at a kopitiam (traditional breakfast or coffee shop) or hawker center, and work your way to one of the city’s top-rated fine dining restaurants (Singapore is home to a disproportionate number of Asia’s 50 Best Bars and Restaurants). 

If you find yourself in the city’s heartlands — Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Jurong West or Serangoon — linger for a stroll to see how most Singaporeans go about their daily lives. To see the other side of Singaporean life, head downtown to the Marina Bay Sands boardwalk to take in Singapore’s iconic skyline. 

Family travel is easiest here than perhaps anywhere else in the region. Public transportation is a breeze, putting attractions like the Singapore Zoo, Gardens by the Bay, the ArtScience Museum and Universal Studios within half an hour’s drive, no matter where you are. 

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