How To Care For Your Skin During Autumn In Japan

Skincare tips from dermatologist Dr Chin-huai Keong, MD, PhD for an autumn in Japan.

Japan skincare autumn

Aside from cherry blossom season between March and May, travelers love to visit Japan between September and November for autumn—and for good reason. “Autumn is when the leaves turn yellow and orange, and it’s beautiful in the countryside or up in the mountains,” describes Dr Chin-huai Keong, MD, PhD, dermatologist and the director of Garden Clinic Hiroo in Tokyo. “The weather is cool and comfortable, and usually the temperatures are in the teens.”

But with an abundance of dry, crisp air during autumn, you might experience itchy, sensitive, dry or sunburned skin. Dr Keong’s tip? “Moisturizers are usually good for four to six hours, so moisturize your face and body liberally, and re-apply regularly. Moisturizers with vitamin C can also be useful, as it is a strong antioxidant and helps to repair the skin.”

The same practice goes for sunscreen. “Use one with a high SPF [sun protection factor] of 30 and above with a PA grade (the amount of protection from UVA rays) of +++ or ++++. Re-apply every couple of hours if you’re going to be outdoors throughout.” Use your favorite lip creams or petroleum jelly for your lips as well.

And before you use your regular skincare products — keep in mind that adding a new one may only upset your skin—at the end of the day, wash your face and eyes first. “This helps to remove any pollen or potential allergens on your skin,” Dr Keong says.

Dr Keong’s skincare tips for a flight:

  • Drink lots of water and orange juice for vitamin C to keep yourself hydrated. Avoid alcoholic drinks.
  • Apply moisturizer frequently. Whenever you feel your skin is dry, spritz on some facial mist. “Personally, I don’t wear makeup on a flight. This way I get to hydrate my face with the mist as often as I wish.”
  • Apply petroleum jelly on your lips and use hand cream, especially if your fingernails tend to get dry and brittle after a long flight.

Written by

Charmaine Baylon

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