3 Gadgets to Invest in to Protect Yourself from Covid-19

From air purifying necklaces to portable sterilizers, here are some of the latest inventions that will help you combat the coronavirus pandemic.

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Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, face masks have become an everyday essential, along with regular temperature checks, hand sanitizing and social distancing. But that’s not all that has come out of the coronavirus.

In a bid to address the public’s growing concerns about health and hygiene, brands and businesses across industries from technology to interior design have risen to the challenge and exercised creativity in designing new solutions for unprecedented needs.

Whether it’s to give germ-conscious folks more peace of mind or make life easier for quarantined individuals, this roundup of the best gadgets for combating Covid-19 is worth considering.


6 Stage Air Purifier with UVC Lamp 

The importance of clean air has never been more apparent than it is now, with the Covid-19 pandemic still in full swing, and this company is working to protect us from airborne bacteria. A Manila-based brand that specializes in air purifying products, Air Cleene boasts a catalog that includes sterilizers that make use of ultraviolet light and wearable air purifiers.

Its 6 Stage Air Purifier helps to not just measure the air quality, humidity and temperature of your interiors, it also sterilizes the air in rooms up to 70m2 with ultraviolet light, a technology that has been around since the 1950s. Air Cleene also offers a 5 Stage Air Purifier, a smaller model that boasts five filter layers, as well as an ultraviolet lamp, and can cover rooms up to 35m2.


Ionic Air Purifier Necklace

Another one of Air Cleene’s signature products is the Ionic Air Purifier Necklace, a round, portable accessory that serves as a personal air ionizer. Making sure the air around you is clean, it releases negative ions that attach to smoke, dust and virus particles before they’re filtered through the device. Lasting up to 48 hours on a 30-minute charge, this nifty piece of wearable tech is also available in black, white, blue and rose gold to match every outfit.


UV Portable Sterilizer Model A15



Another handy gadget to consider from Air Cleene’s catalog is the UV Portable Sterilizer Model A15, a palm-sized device that emits germicidal ultraviolet light — which hospitals use to disinfect rooms – to destroy harmful microbes. An eco-friendly, chemical-free alternative to the usual hand sanitizer, it can be used on all objects from utensils to jewelry.

Lasting for about eight hours at a time, it also includes a child-lock feature. According to Air Cleene, it takes about five to 15 seconds to sterilize the particles of regular viruses and about 19 seconds to sterilize coronavirus particles with this UV device.

Not only are Air Cleene’s products ideal for on-the-go use, including when you’re on a plane, and as permanent fixtures in rooms, they are also great for keeping the air around you free of odor and allergens, making them relevant even after Covid-19 has been vanquished.


For more information about Air Cleene’s products, click here.


This article was published in partnership with Air Cleene.  

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