20 Questions with Chris Pang of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

The Melbourne-born actor talks travel habits and visiting the Philippines

1. Favorite movie of all time? Terminator 2

2. Essentials when shooting on location? Xbox. I always have to bring my Xbox.

3. Top tip for a budget traveller? Appreciate and respect local culture

4. Dream role? I wanna be a Terminator!

5. Favorite Asian food? Gon chow ngau ho, a Cantonese noodle dish

6. Window or aisle seat? Aisle in economy, window in business

7. Light or heavy packer? Light

8. Planned or spontaneous travel? Spontaneous

9. First leisurely thing you do in a new destination? Check if the local McDonald’s tastes the same [as everywhere else]

10. First two things on your Philippines bucket list? I want to try balut and experience the city of Manila

11. Preferred travel camera? My Canon G9 X

12. Most Instagrammable place you’ve been to? Langkawi

13. Hotels or hostels? Hotels

14. City, beach, or countryside? City

15. Best road trip music? Backstreet Boys or Bee Gees

16. Favorite location shoot in Crazy Rich AsiansLangkawi while drinking on a pontoon in the middle of the ocean

17. What would you recommend to visitors in MelbourneWe have really good Chinese restaurants

18. Most memorable audition? When I flew to Sydney from Hong Kong for Tomorrow, When The War Began

19. Next project? Producing a local film called Empty By Design 

20. Why should travelers see the film? We really wanna show off Manila as a sprawling big city

Written by

Kate Alvarez

Photographed by

Lucky Leoparte

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